Basic Privacy Settings for Facebook

Click the pad-lock symbol on the top right of any Facebook page to open a dropdown window. That dropdown window has a walkthrough of your current settings when it comes to “Your Posts”, “Your Apps” and “Your Profile”.

Your Posts:

For the default share setting, it is recommended to have a friends setting over a public setting. The public setting allows anyone to look at your posts and pictures whereas the friends setting only allows friends to look at your posts and pictures. The public setting is only useful if you created a page for a business or charity and you want to want to generate social interest for those organizations. Otherwise only make your activity visible to your friends. Furthermore, if you want to share posts with only certain friends you can click the “share setting” button, then click the “More Options” button and then finally click the custom option. Remember you can also change the privacy settings of previous posts by clicking on the people icon at the top of the post.

Your Posts

Your Apps:

Every app (ex. Farmville) you installed on Facebook has permission to post to your Friends list unless you told it otherwise when you first installed the app. This section shows every app that is attached to your account and what sharing permissions it has. It also controls who can see that you have the app installed. If you don’t use the app anymore just delete it by clicking the x. However, for the remaining apps change the sharing permissions to Only Me.

Your Profile:

The privacy settings for email addresses, birthday, hometown, relationship status, work location, school location and etc are in this section. Also, you will have two emails: the one you registered with to sign up for Facebook and the one Facebook created for you, which no one really uses by the way. Furthermore, for your birthday settings your friends can only see the month and day you were born on while Facebook conceals your birth year. So that way your friends can still wish you happy birthday while not knowing your true age. The hometown setting is only applicable to what your friends see because advertisers still have access to this information especially if the Facebook app is tracking your location automatically. Finally, your relationship status is always shared unless you say otherwise.

Your Profile