Jonathan Sdao Shared Four Basic Tips to Help You Get Started With Fly Fishing

Rich with fresh water lakes and streams, Colorado is one of Jonathan Sdao’s favorite places to spend time fly fishing. With one hundred and fifty-eight rivers and over five thousand natural streams, there are plenty of spots to catch a variety of fish.

Fly fishing, when first starting, can be extremely frustrating.

Here are four basic tips to help you get started with fly fishing:

  1. Choosing the right equipment is important. When you are looking at rods, you need to be aware of its weight, length, and action. The reel needs to be made with high-quality material so you can have better drag control. Finally, the weight of your fly line will be dependent on the weight of your rod. Keeping the fly line weight within +/- 1 of your rod weight will keep your setup balanced, making casting easier.

2. Spend a few hours practicing your casting in your backyard. Learning to cast on the water will result in frustration as you send fish into hiding because of your line smacking the water above them.

3. Become friends with your local fly shop. The employees there are a wealth of information. They will be able to give you tips on where to fish, and let you know when and what hatches are happening, and a ton of other tips.

4. Always be aware of your surroundings and take your time. Free-flowing streams behave differently depending on the environment. When moving through the river, be careful as the bottom can be slick. Also, you need to know the generation schedule of the dams if the local rivers you are on are tail-waters.

Following these basic tips will help you quickly land more fish on a consistent basis during your first few outings.

You also won’t experience as many frustrating hang-ups that are common with fly fishing. Johnathan Sdao is an avid fisherman and enjoys coming home to Colorado to take advantage of its numerous rivers and streams.

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