Jonathan Sdao: Why Community Work is Important to Teenagers

In his teenage years, Jonathan Sdao embraced volunteer work in his community. “I am passionate about community service,” he says, something that has shown in the years since he was recruited to study Economics and play college hockey at Colby College in Waterville, ME. He’s been the leader for the Movember Foundation in the area, an initiative that seeks to raise awareness on men’s health. Additionally, Sdao has participated in Project Healing Waters, where people fly fish with military veterans.

It can sound obvious, but it’s worth saying that teenagers have a lot to gain through volunteering in their teen years. Teens who give the time and effort to community service benefit by increasing self-esteem and other life skills that are crucial in acquiring jobs. And potential employers like it when an employee has prior experience in community service.

As a volunteer, you get to assist people to get solutions to various needs. You interact with people from different backgrounds in accomplishing a common purpose. The time spent together helps to build teamwork and camaraderie, aspects that eventually lead to lifelong friendship bonds.

Through community service, teenagers have found their interests in life, leading to career choices that are fulfilling. As Jonathan Sdao, the experience is one that helps you discover your passions and strengths.