Who is Jonathan M. Sheklow?

My name is JONATHAN M. SHEKLOW. I was born in San Francisco, California in 1976. The ‘70s?? That can’t be right. Anyway… I fondly remember growing up in the 80’s and it was a free and wonderful time to be a kid. Now that I have my own children it is interesting to look back and think of the differences in the upbringing now versus then. For example, kids now have to wear seat-belts.

In addition to playing a lot of basketball, I spent much of my youth drawing, creating, breaking and rebuilding things. (My daughter already seems to be taking after the creative side,.. and my son certainly likes to break things).

Life completely changed around 1984 when I first laid my eyes on a Japanese “Entertainment System” by the name of Nintendo. There wasn’t a question, I was going to need one of those things. So at 8 years old I secured my first job as a paperboy for the esteemed San Mateo Times. After about 8 months of delivering papers daily I finally was able to save up the required $199.99. This, by the way, was an incredible amount of money in the mid-eighties (roughly $450 in today’s money). The system came packaged with 1 game cartridge. It was a game about an Super Italian fellow and his Brother. Video games have remained a seriously fun passion, and vital escape, ever since.

In 1995 I moved across the country to a little town called Brooklyn, New York. It was there that I began my professional study at Pratt Institute, majoring in Art Direction and Communication Design. I began my professional career as an Art Director at Grey Advertising and then over the years had the pleasure of working at some of the top boutique firms in New York.

I am thrilled to be alive in a time when art presents itself in so many different forms. From cars to music to the newest video games and technology, we are surrounded by absolute masterpieces. I am constantly blown away by the creations of fellow humans.

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