Hi, thanks a lot for this one, it’s incredible useful to me right now.
Jonathan Siebern

Hi Phil,

I’ve had a look at your two projects just now and I believe they are really awesome. The only issue is that I’m not familiar with RxJS at all and the Orchestra part has no docs yet.

My first tests were fun to work with, fluoride integrates with my existing model structure without any changes whatsoever and the dependsOn function is awesome. Just a few things I’m not quite sure about.

  • How do the orchestra stores integrate with react? Does it still work to just use the connectStore with the provider given the dispatcher?
  • How to properly serialize the data structure for saving? The stores that are returned by orchestra always go through with their dependency resolution which I do not want for saving the state.
  • The other way round, how would I initialize the stores with the serialized data? (I have serialize / parse methods on my models that convert them back to Immutable so that bit at least is not an issue!) Are they being re-created by calling `insert` on all of the serialized objects individually?
  • How to implement undo / redo for certain actions? As I said, I’m not quite familiar with RxJS so it is out of reach for me currently to implement a middleware for it I’m afraid (the project does not allow time to properly learn a new tech right now)

A suggestion for Orchestra btw.: It would be great if I could tell Orchestra which property to use for the id ;-)


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