We have to work. It’s common sense. We prepare the youth to be a workforce. We understand that. without work, we would still be cavemen hunting and gathering. But is it so?

Nowadays, we have put “work” to the next level. It is now a tag that defines who we are. I am a doctor ; I am a grocery clerk ; I work.

This mindset is a benediction for those who exploit. In the sake of identity, they can form docile workers that accept the concept that they are paid tenfold less than what they generate. Of course, they…

Space is not empty. Space is an illusion. There are almost the same number of atoms in the air around you than in your body. Even the most solid diamond is almost empty. Atoms are 99.9% empty. And what are protons, neutrons and electrons? Empty entities that goes round and round. As we are.

So between us, we fill the space with relationship. And these relationships define us and define those we interact with. These links in emptiness are more important than our very substance. That’s why we must take great care of these relationships, may they be life long…

We were walking on the Saint-Denis Street. I was 18 and she was 17. At first, I didn’t wanted to be with her on this evening. Previously, we were a couple for a year, one year prior to this day.

Back then, she was just a part of my past. And damned! I loved her. I knew that we were going to be in love forever. From the day I met her, I always thought that someone had to take good care of her. I never knew why, but to me it was obvious. I never thought, at the beginning…

I don’t have any memories left. I never existed before now.

But I’m not stupid.

I know this is my basement. I know that I lived in this house for the last seven years. I know I was cooking a spaghetti sauce upstairs. I know my wife and kids are there, all playing on their respective computer. But knowing is not experiencing.

Now, it’s like there is a veil between the informations about my memories and the actual feelings. I can’t even recall the taste of the sauce I was cooking a quarter of an hour before. …

*** Spoilers ahead, at your own risk ***

(french version here)

I, too, finished watching the Game of Thrones series. I, too, was disappointed by the last season. Particularly by the last two episodes. I feel that Daenerys looses her mind too fast and that they missed too much potentially interesting things to just finish this off this way.

Nevertheless, they were not far. Only minor changes would have saved the finale or even the whole season. Someone has to rectify this. I answer the call! And I will even imagine many different endings, depending on where I begin my…

(french version here)

Right here, the title is a lie. When I was a teenager, I already coded QBasic games. So, I didn’t finished my first video game. I finished my 843rd video game. But, it’s the first one I complete. And that, too, is also a lie. If you’re here on a quest for truth, you’re at the wrong place. I cannot say it’s completed. It’s a fully functional 0.1 version that doesn’t crash.

Version 0.1

It’s still that ! Graphics are (hopefully) temporary. I couldn’t afford myself the time to draw awesome pieces of arts for more than 400 cards…

Why so much hassle announcing I’m published ?

(original french version here)

Yes, the title says it all. I have a publisher. The people of Édiligne decided to trust me and my craziness by publishing my So-Lam Tales ! Of course, when the books will be available, you’ll be noticed.

It’s so bad said this way…

What’s the most crazy in this, it’s that I could have made the announcement back last November, when I signed the contract. I decided to wait. I don’t even know why. Of course, I shared the good news with my relatives, but nothing on…

Who do I think I am ?

(original french version here)

It’s weird. I want to say things, talk or write about many subjects, may it be about my writings, my projects, more spiritual or psychological matters, video game creation and the impact of these on our brain or even finance. And there to notice with dismay that I’m just a dude jumping in the air waving flags saying : « Look at me ! Put your attention on me and on what I say ! Read me ! Come and love me ! ». …

Jonathan Simard aka Jon Shimaw the 0th

Jon Shimaw 0th and Blog : http://www.jsimard.com (only in french).

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