Murder-killing Habits

Habits are an interesting thing for me. If you know me you know I’m an incredibly logical person, proven by every personality test or assessment I’ve gotten my hands on. Despite this, habits can still be elusive to me. Some of the time I feel like I have complete control, logically choosing my next step foward, while others I feel like I have a puppet master controlling me.

This isn’t a New Years resolution, I’ve never really been one to think a new year could start something different. It’s just another day. I do get caught up in wanting my patterns to be perfect. Which means starting randomly has been a challenge but I want to make this happen. In fact, I think identifying that I had to get beyond my belief that, “There is a right moment to start” is what led me to push forward now.

So I’m starting some new things and stopping some old things. Here is my list, we’ll see how it goes.


I realise I said I was starting some new things but I began this experiment a few months ago so these are a few things I’ve gotten good at. I plan to do a full write up on each of these but for now I’ll keep them brief.

  • Shaving daily — I was tired of constant neck irritation so I did some reading and invested in a good saftey razor and officially learn how shave.
  • Making my bed every morning — This may seem small but it makes my nights glorious. Even if the room is in disarray, which it usually isn’t, the bed being made make the space feel less chaotic.
  • Keeping an organized closet — This seems minor but again the structure helps me move my day forward without stress.


  • Social Media — This for me was just a waste of time. Something that I had become almost dependent on that was giving me nothing back in return.
  • Eating while watching TV— I’m not sure how this habit formed but I’d attribute it to a large portion of my weight. Somehow I associated food with TV so I was always munching. I fear this is going to be a hard one to break.


  • Reading Daily — I’ve set a goal like this before and gone way to far. Trying to achieve whole books or chapters. I’m going to take this slow and just begin to read and explore. I want to just see where it takes me.
  • Intermittent Fasting — This is actually a result of the other habits on this list. I read a few articles on Intermittet fasting and I’m intrigued. It seems pretty common, not harmful and not only produces results but has many added benefits. I’m still exploring the concept but I’m excited to give it a try.