Smug liberals

I’m not going to say who sent me the below email, which was sent on October 13th of this year. But I will say that since November 8th they have yet to write me back to offer any additional sage advice.

Dear Jonathan,
Below is an email that I sent out to family members in March of this year, in which I expressed my whole-hearted support for Trumpf to be at the head of the Republican ticket and predicted that if Trumpf were the Republican nominee, it would be a major CRISIS for the Republican Party and that Trumpf (simply because of who he is) could not possibly beat Hillary in the November election.
You, on the other hand, have had a very different take on Trumpf FEARING that he would defeat Hillary and become our next president! . . . Well, here we are 7 months later and, as predicted, the Republican-created MONSTER is fragmenting the Republican party and ripping it apart at its seams and threatening to give the Democrats their majority back in the House and Senate . . .
Sometimes us elder, more seasoned folk who’ve been around a little longer — with our infinite wisdom and experience — can see and understand things that the younger, “less experienced” generation are not able to see so clearly at the time.
Just for the record, I thought this should be brought to your attention.
—[Smug Liberal who shall not be named]