We are your constituents and we unapologetically read guides.

Republican Members of Congress want you to believe that constituents who read the Indivisible Guide are not legitimate constituents. They want you to think that getting yourself prepared and getting your community organized takes away your credibility. They would prefer if it if you were unprepared, disorganized, ineffective, and ultimately acquiescent — as Trump wreaks havoc on our democracy.

Take a minute to think about their faulty logic. If you wanted to plant a garden and you didn’t know how, you might wisely pick up a gardening guide. That doesn’t make you any less of a gardener. So why does my Member of Congress think that I’m less of a constituent because I read a guide about how to be an effective constituent?

You bet I read a guide! You bet I want to be prepared. Because I actually want to have a voice. Big companies have lobbyists who are very well versed in techniques and tricks for how to influence Congress. And my Republican Member of Congress wants me to just walk into a den of wolves without any plan or preparation? No thanks!

If reading a guide can help everyday people have a voice in politics, you better believe we’re going to read a guide. Members of Congress, we are your constituents; it is your job to listen to us. And if you don’t, we’re going to read guides about how to replace you.

(Full disclosure, I am proud to write guides as well.)