Is MacDonald’s hiring?

Imagine living in New York State and not being able to speak out against Donald Trump. Just sit with that thought for a moment…

Imagine everyone knowing how big of a buffoon he is, how crooked his deals are, how much he scams people out of money, yet no one utters so much of a peep about him; people are too scared. He owns so much and is so connected that you are scared you will lose your job (if you are lucky enough to have a decent one), scared of the pressure you would feel all the time (think J.J. Gittes in Chinatown getting his nose cut), or worst of all, he is your employer because it’s one of the best jobs you could get in the state.

Let’s just say you’re an idealist who wants to live a noble life and do noble things. So you get educated, like your parents told you. You try to help a family member run his failing business because “family is the most important thing in the world.” Said family member won’t listen to any of your “educated ideas”…those won’t really work he says. “Look at Donald Trump…he’s successful. Just do what he did.”

None of this makes any sense to you. “He’s a crook” you think and have hope that when the business is yours, you will turn it around the way you know how and fight the tyranny of Donald Trump and make “New York Great Again.”

Then the promise of the business gets taken away from you and you are left with nothing. And it’s not the tangible things that hurt that you don’t have. It’s the things that were robbed from you that nobody sees. You constantly try to figure out from screw up after screw up what you have become…are you now the tyranny and said family member is the shepherd and Donald Trump is the sheep?! You rewatch Pulp Fiction for more insight from Jules on this idea.

You get sick of watching too many movies and start to write. Angrily at first, but then you find some rhythm. It starts to make sense. You find a way to harness your anger in satire. “Oh boy that is so true” they say after you write something about Trump. You become like a constant writer for a Saturday Night Live, because in Trump world, SNL doesn’t exist…actually little to no art in media form exists. But you are going to change that.

Large factor: you have no job and need some money to take on the behemoth that is Donald Trump. So you apply for jobs. However, you are too experienced for entry level jobs and not experienced enough for “big boy jobs” and writing isn’t paying any bills. And because you write about Donald Trump, you are a loose cannon…a threat. People are scared of your brilliance from all your writing and those that “actually matter” in Trump world don’t want you because you are a liability.

Replace New York State with New Brunswick the province in Canada and replace Donald Trump with, dare I say it, the Irvings…and this tale is pretty close to the truth.

Crazy and unreal eh?!

So is MacDonald’s hiring?! I need a job…

P.S. The family business was a family farm…so I love MacDonald’s factory farm meat.