This one issue will defeat Donald Trump in 2020 (if he doesn’t get impeached)

Everyday millions of hard working, out of work men from old “lost” jobs are waiting for Donald Trump to make good on his promises and put them back to work. They know how to work, want to work and are looking to the government to “cut the red tape” and let them start to get back to doing what they know how to do best.

The problem is those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back and Trump is more concerned about his billionaire friends and himself than the American people. So in the meantime, the hard working men of America are doing any odd job they can do to keep the lights on and their families fed. And every day while working these men find something that pisses them off more than being duped by Donald Trump.

1 out of every 3 Phillips head gets stripped (my numbers based on experience) and the Robertson head rarely does (like never), yet these screws are still used today to keep the American people preoccupied with the idiocy that these screws still exist, so they have something else to take up their time instead of focusing on health care, jobs, technology and other important issues. Holy f#$k, I’m angry just looking at them!

If the democrats run on ridding the world of these screws that waste precious time (we all need more of that!) and emotional energy, they will collect a hell of a lot more blue collar votes and take back the White House.

You’re welcome DNC. Now stop screwing around and make it happen!