Civil: Self-Sustaining Journalism
Civil: Self-Sustaining Journalism

Interesting. I love the blue sky thinking here, but I fear that the details are not well worked out. Some questions:

  • Does the cryptocurrency aspect matter at all? How is this really different, from the reader or journalist perspective, from any of the journalism crowdfunding attempts of the past?
  • Would The Correspondent be a model for the user-participation aspect of what you’re doing?
  • You wrote “content is relatively inexpensive to create.” Have you run the numbers on how many readers per article / how many articles per day would be needed to support a single full time reporter? What about more expensive stories that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars?
  • What is the incentive for a journalist to work for Civil as opposed to a traditional news organization?
  • How will you build an audience and maintain a defensible advantage there? Doesn’t Civil compete directly with every other content producer?
  • Do you actually have any funding yet?
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