Critique Paper: “Heneral Luna”

-The film is so powerful and an eye opener as I watched it, because it is based on our history. For a millennial like me, I don’t have any idea how our Filipino Heroes struggled just to fight for our country, it is always written on books. But the filmmaker was able to reveal the actual story of Heneral Luna , and also the life of Filipinos. General Luna was known for his clever but smart ideas that he applies in leading his comrades in revolution to Americans. Even though he is known as a genius in war, many of the businessmen who helped the Republic of the Philippines to have the necessities for the war, they hated him because he treated them as traitors because they prioritize their businesses and family, and they wanted to negotiate with the Americans so that they wouldn’t be implicated to the revolution. For Gen. Luna, it is a form of betrayal in their own homeland, because they wanted the Philippines to be handled by foreign people, it looks like they are selling their own homeland.

The film is so great because it also showed how hard it is to fight for the freedom that we seek for our country and to our fellow countrymen. It is not only about the fight for freedom between Filipinos and Americans, it also shows that we also fight for our other priorities (money, independence, power) that we live in for, that even fighting our fellow Filipino is reasonable.

-The fact that the movie shows that there are missing parts of our history. It makes me curious of what is the reason and who is the perpetrator of the killings between General Luna and Andres Bonifacio shown at the film. Before the film ended, Joven, Felipe Buencamino, and Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo had some testimonies about the death of Gen. Luna. Also, the meaning of power is interpreted by Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo in a good and bad way, as he decides of what to do to control the Republic of the Philippines in his owns hands.

-The filmmaker was able to show how the Philippine government ruled our country back then, and how it makes decisions during the American war. It also shows how cruel and uneven our government treats us. It helps us have proper knowledge of how dirty politics was. The film was also engaging because it boost our emotion to want our own freedom because the Philippines was only and will always be for Filipinos. It tells us that the Philippines politics was already uneven even back then. The behavior and culture of Filipinos was also interpreted in the film way back in time when our ancestors were fighting for our country. There is a scene where the Spoliarium effect was showed as they drag Gen. Luna’s Body.

- The settings of the film are really close to what I expected of our beautiful home, Philippines. The way how Filipinos live simple that time when they needed to make food for everyday life, the way we work,where there are no tall structures, pollution, traffic. There is also a part of film where Gen. Luna was killed, and dragged his dead body, as it is shown, it portrays the same angle as the “Spoliarium” painting of Gen. Luna’s brother, Juan Luna.

For me, Joven Hernandez represents the people who witnessed the war between Filipinos and Americans, the determination of General Luna to have our independence, and how the Republic of the Philippines has fallen into the hands of Americans. Not only that, he also wanted to have independence in out country, and he tried to fight, by using his pen as a sword to write the truth. He also represents us, because of the natural curiosity that flows on us, we wanted to know what or how history happened before we were born in this modern age, we wanted to know why and how our government and our country got corrupted into our own hands. He symbolizes a new generation that will always be ready to protect and patronize their own country. A new generation that knows how the politics goes. A new generation that will be the start of the new beginning. The new beginning that may change the corruption in our government.

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