The Essence of Creating Team

Build companies and teams, not your career. That will come when it comes.
 — Ranjan Sakalley

We as a human tend to want to get better at something. In Indonesia, we frequently being asked, especially from we were just a kid that What you want to do after you grew up? And told by our relatives that When you grew up, make sure you have a good career. Well, let me tell you that you should less care about your career!


Some of you might wondered why we should less care about it. The answer is simple, because it is the result. Instead of we thinking about the result, we could think more about the detail. Like, how we can go there? Is there any obstacle to get there? What can we do about it? How do we handle the obstacle? Why we should get there? This simple question would be answered and be like a motivation for you right after you get the answer. To drive you to your destination, success.

Stand up for what you believe in

And now, why I could tell you this? Because, I believe that every result is just a bonus. Bonus means you might reach that, but sometimes you didn’t. So you shouldn’t driven by bonus to success, progress does! Believe in yourself, and break your limit! Everyone has that limit, you always have the choice to getting better and better through times.

But what can you do for reach that result? Grit and hardwork! Don’t give up, search for workaround of the problem, to give the best solution that you can give. Make sure you already tried everything that you could do at that time. Reach for help from your relatives! Sometime we need help, even just a little.

We did mistake, all the time. What makes you a better person after you did a mistake? Yes, learn from it. Next time you doing the same thing, you want to make sure you didn’t do the same mistake again. So, there is more important thing than the result is that you be able to learn from your mistake, from your progress. Nothing is instant. Even an instant noodles should be boiled first before you can enjoy it, right?

Team over Individual

As you want to get a better career, Ranjan remind us that we should care more to create a team not our career. Career is a personal thing, so it would be for individually purposes like, most of us might have different purposes with the career to do the living.

When we build a team, we want that every team member is on the same page. How do we do things, Why we do things, and other question that might answered by different people on the team with different opinion. This is where the team grow, to learn from other member. To care each other, to critical to things for good purposes, and make a decision as a team, not an individual.

Yes, it is hard. But, it is important to understand this. Imagine you are working with fast-changing team with different people background. If you still mind your own business more than the objective of the team, than you might be the obstacle for that team. Because the entire team wanted to be on the same page, not in your page or other team member page.

That’s why consensus are important when team discussion started. Every member of the team should be actively speaking about their own opinion. Critic other opinion, convinced other member as well that you have a better solution. So the team would be on the same page since every member giving their opinion and make a decision to have a very best solution at that time.

So, if you success by doing this then it should be a team success not just your success or some of the member success. Because you did this as a team and the credits goes to all of the member of the team. I think this should be better than a self-success credits, right? Your career would be get better after you did this too, as the part of something big!


You shouldn’t be worried about your career, because it is just the destination one of your journey. You might figure it out that you could be anything you want, as long as you believe in yourself and put trust to other people. Be honest, it is better to pretend to be dumb rather than pretend to be the smartest. Speak up and actively in discussion. Don’t care about your code, about your fault, about your opinion. Care about how to make yourself a better person after learn something.

Create team is far more better than just individually-behavior team. The difference is every member of team agreed that every person should on the same page individually and act with same purpose as a group. The latter one would be grouped as a team but act individually, and that’s bad. Because if that happened, it shouldn’t be called as a team, because most of people do as their own purpose and the purpose as the team wont be fulfilled.