A Storm is Coming

The Summer of Trumpism

I started to write about the fascistic nature of Trumpism last August. Anyone who has studied Hitler’s rise, knows the role of street riots in the Nazi’s success. Hitler would promote a Beer hall Rally in 1928 and fill it with his Brownshirts, known as the SA (Storm Detachment). Hopefully the Left would show up and there would be two hour bar fights, or if it got big — four hour street fights. The street fights of 20 year old white guys beating up socialists, Jews, and people of color, only made Hitler more popular among his base.

This is what happened today, Friday March 11, 2016. This was a manufactured riot. Trump wanted it to happen. Trump told Chris Matthews, “this will increase the vote for Trump”. Read any history of Germany from 1925–1935 and you will see that Mark Twain wasn’t wrong: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but does rhyme.”

What surprised me the most was the large number of testosterone-filled twenty year old white guys getting in the protestors face so hard, that it was not a wonder the kids punched them away. Where were the cops or security guys?

Are these angry young white guys Trumps new storm brigade?If so, it’s going to be a long hot stormy summer. Like Chicago tonight, repeated city after city.

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