Kiteboard Resource for Gear, iKITESURF

When I first got into kiteboarding all I knew was that I didn’t know anything about kites or that gear that goes with it. This left me with only one option. That option was to go to our local kite shop to pick up gear. There I could talk to real people who knew the sport inside out and also knew the gear inside out. A year later, I know a bit more about the sport, and I also found a great resource for buying kites and gear. iKITESURF.

iKITESURF has a lot that you can do on their site, but my favorite part of the site is their classified section. It’s awesome. The classified section is where people from around the world can post the gear they want to sell. Used gear and new gear are both posted to this section of the site. Not only can you find a good deal every now and then, you can also learn a ton about the gear you probably will know nothing about.

This is a great resource for kiteboarding. It is great if you want to sell gear, and it is great for when you are ready to make your next purchase. iKITESURF has been very useful for me so I wanted to share it in hopes that others can benefit from it also.

Like all sites, watch out for the crooks out there and make sure you know exactly what you are about to buy if you decide this is where you want to make a purchase. I think this rule applies to every internet site you make a purchase from. Just be on the look out.

Other than that, I love getting lost in the classified section and looking for my next online kite purchase. It’s fun and exciting because I just never know what is going to pop up for the day. The amount of new posts are different everyday, but I always see new stuff coming to the site. I just can’t wait for the next good deal to come up because I am ready to pounce. I am sure there are many other sites out there for buying kite gear, but iKITESURF is my go to site for now.

Originally published at on February 16, 2017.