Kiteboarding and Getting Skunked

I have been kiteboarding for over a year now and learned another valuable lesson today. A lesson about hope. A lesson about never ending education. About being let down and another lesson into this damn sport. You will get skunked.

Like I said, I am a year into the sport, I still have hope. I hope the wind will pick up, when I show up, even though the reports are light. I hope I can at get my big kite out at the bare minimum, and I hope other people are already gliding across the water when I get there. Then I show up.

Now the education begins. My buddy and I are alone, so it is up to us to asses the situation. We talk about the pro and cons. We measure the wind only to find it marginal, and we begin to process our next move.

To kite or not to kite? Where is the best spot to launch? What are the dangers? No Parking signs circle the mud launch and power lines line the west. Rocks and massive drift wood logs pepper the shoreline and someone will have to self launch. We have dealt with most of this, so we get back to the wind reports.

We break out the wind meters and measure the wind. 11.5, 12, 10, 8, 10, 11, 9.5, 10.2, the mph’s keep flowing with the wind. We are let down. The wind gods didn’t show up when we did and the wind reports were right. Our hope is gone.

It takes awhile and a few different wind measurements to figure out our hopes and dreams of kiting have been crushed for the day. We want to ride, and could put the kites up, but everything feels a bit off. Instead we leave with our heads between our legs, and then pick them up because we know this is just another lesson learned. We now know this is all part of the sport and that you will get skunked. BUT…. if you don’t show, you will never know.

Originally published at on April 4, 2017.

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