My First Jump Kiteboarding

It has been well over a year from the time I first started out on my kiteboard journey. There are a few reasons I got into kiteboarding. One, because I always thought it would be cool to harness the wind and not spend a dime on gas. Two, because kiting is another board sport I haven’t touched. And Three, because I saw guys jumping 20–30 feet through the air, and I couldn’t wait to jump like that.

The last reason is the biggest one. All I want to do is fly 20+ feet through the air. This is really the only reason I got into kiteboarding. I don’t even care about all of the other tricks and coolness that comes with the sport. I just want to fly, and fly as high as I possibly can.

Check out a quick video of my first “on purpose” jump.

I have no clue how many years it will take to break the 20 foot mark. It might be one, or it might take ten. I don’t know, but I am all in at this point. I won’t stop until I get there. Jumping and hanging from a kite is in my blood now. So pumped.

Originally published at on May 12, 2017.