Something to Aim At

A wise old man named Zig Ziglar once said “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Does that resonate with anyone else? Think finances, health and fitness, work, family and about anything else that should be on a top priority list. If these areas of life are a priority, then they need targets and something to aim at.

You see, if there isn’t a goal or anything to accomplish, the opposite will happen. Nothing. Nothing is easy, but veeerry deadly.

The reason having a goal or something to aim at is beneficial is because it involves a plan and work. It means moving life in a direction on purpose and with purpose. It means there has to be control of the situation and that there will be a process in place to make it happen.

Life without movement ends up with loss and discouragement. It is a trap and the easy way out. Until, the bottom falls. Then everything gets harder because there is zero traction without a bottom or something to hold onto.

This is no place to be, but I feel like I see it all of the time. Bankruptcy, divorce, fat people, depression, debt for days, and job losses are daily occurrences. Just turn on the news. It is everywhere.

Some people were just straight up born into the wrong situation, and I feel for them. But this stuff happens to millionaires and billionaires. It happens to the everyday family that was in love for 25 plus years. Why? Probably because there was never a goal. There was everyday life, but nothing to aim at.

When measurable goals are set it is easy to figure out how to get there. How much time is left? What needs to get done in that time to make it happen? What tools and resources are needed to get there? All of these questions can be answered and figured out if there is a target. Something to aim at.

Whether it is losing 25 lbs, a marriage, or paying off 10 year old college loans doesn’t matter. Each priority needs a goal and a plan to get there. Without that, things will either stay the way they are or take a turn for the worse. No one walking this earth should want that in their life.

It is better to take on challenges. To fail a few times here and there, and to miss the bullseye and nick the edge of the paper instead. At least there is direction and with direction comes accountability and a way to improve.

Without something to aim at, shooting into the clear blue sky is ok. All is good my friend, but is it??

I think almost anyone that lives on this earth has something in their life they feel they need to improve. Everyone wants to be rich right? If this is true, then everyone needs a plan to figure out how to get there. They need to figure out what “rich means to them, make a target, and aim for it.

Originally published at on April 5, 2017.