Train DeepRacer model locally with GPU support

Jonathan Tse
Jul 2 · 8 min read
I spent more than $200 in 14 days

Training the model

Setup Python environment

conda create --name sagemaker python=3.6
conda activate sagemaker
conda install -c conda-forge awscli
git clone --recurse-submodules
cd deepracer
pip install -U sagemaker-python-sdk/ pandas
pip install urllib3==1.24.3 #Fix some dependency issue
pip install PyYAML==3.13 #Fix some dependency issue
pip install ipython

Install Docker and configure nvidia as default runtime

# Update the default configuration and restart
pushd $(mktemp -d)
(sudo cat /etc/docker/daemon.json 2>/dev/null || echo '{}') | \
jq '. + {"default-runtime": "nvidia"}' | \
tee tmp.json
sudo mv tmp.json /etc/docker/daemon.json
sudo systemctl restart docker

# No need for nvidia-docker or --engine=nvidia
docker run --rm -it nvidia/cuda nvidia-smi

Rebuild the docker images with GPU support

docker pull sctse999/sagemaker-rl-tensorflow
cd sagemaker-tensorflow-container/docker/1.12.0python3 sdistcp dist/sagemaker_tensorflow_container-2.0.0.tar.gz docker/1.12.0/cd docker/1.12.0wget build -t --build-arg py_version=3 --build-arg framework_installable=tensorflow_gpu-1.12.0-cp36-cp36m-linux_x86_64.whl -f Dockerfile.gpu .
cd sagemaker-containerspython3 sdistcp dist/sagemaker_containers-2.4.4.post2.tar.gz ../sagemaker-rl-container/cd ../sagemaker-rl-containerdocker build -t --build-arg sagemaker_container=sagemaker_containers-2.4.4.post2.tar.gz --build-arg processor=gpu -f ./coach/docker/0.11.0/ .

Install minio as a local S3 service

chmod +x minio
sudo mv minio /usr/local/bin
$ sudo vi /etc/default/minio
# Volume to be used for MinIO server.
# Access Key of the server.
# Secret key of the server.
curl -O mv minio.service /etc/systemd/system
systemctl enable minio.service
Use the button on the bottom right to create a bucket

Start SageMaker

mkdir -p ~/.sagemaker && cp config.yaml ~/.sagemaker
docker network create sagemaker-local
docker network inspect sagemaker-local
# export S3_ENDPOINT_URL=http://$(hostname -i):9000
cd rl_coach
aws --endpoint-url $S3_ENDPOINT_URL s3 cp ../custom_files s3://bucket/custom_files  --recursive
# image_name="crr0004/sagemaker-rl-tensorflow:console",
train_max_run=job_duration_in_seconds, # Maximum runtime in second

Start RoboMaker

# WORLD_NAME=Tokyo_Training_track
docker run --rm --name dr --env-file ./robomaker.env --network sagemaker-local -p 8080:5900 -it crr0004/deepracer_robomaker:console
gvncviewer localhost:2180

Submit the locally trained model to DeepRacer Console

Other Issues

Way Forward

Fix the OOM issue

Train based on an existing model

A local web console


Jonathan Tse

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Love Self-driving technology and machine learning. Community leader in DIYRobocar Hong Kong.

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