Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to attend professor Linda Berstein’s trip that she had organized at the Wall Street Journal nor did I get the chance to be toured by Carla Zanoni, DNAinfo’s director of social media and engagement, and Wall Street Journal head of global audience development. It must have been such an honor to receive such a great tour and amazing knowledge that Zanoni has of the Wall Street Journal. So disappointed to have missed this! In class, we had the chance to talk about the trip and see pictures that my classmates had taken. Every one seemed blown away about the trip and had really good time.


After reading my colleague’s blogs, I really got inspired to do my own research to learn about the Journal. I learned a few interesting things such as the etymology of the company’s name and the mastermind publisher behind the world renowned Journal. Dow & Jones has been the publishing company since the commencement of the company. The name of the journal came from the head of the New York financial district. WSJ mainly covers American economy, international business topic, financial news and issues. It is currently the number one source of information in the United Sates.

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