There are literally hundreds of factors that impact temperature and weather on earth, and scientists have only begun to understand it all.

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It seems like every day, reports of climate change become more apocalyptic. Few politicians express any doubt in the notion that human activity is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. Indeed, quite the opposite is the norm.

“The world is gonna end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change,” warned newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez soon after being sworn in. Her comments were in reference to the latest United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

Google has a history of being incredibly choosy when selecting employees, but only recently found they were doing it all wrong.

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In his seminal work, Good to Great, Jim Collins examined why some companies make the leap to greatness and others don’t. He and his team analyzed over 1,400 publicly-traded companies over a 40-year period.

How did they define greatness?

After the leap, a company had to generate cumulative stock returns that exceeded the general stock market by at least three times over 15 years — and it had to be a leap independent of its industry.

Out of the…

Playing favorites has been around for over a hundred years and it’s worked just fine for members of Congress.

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In 1975, two childhood friends with a passion for computer programming — Bill Gates and Paul Allen — created what would become one of the largest and most influential companies in history: Microsoft. Five years later, IBM awarded a contract to Microsoft to develop the operating system for its new Personal Computer.

The rest is, as they say, history.

Over the years, Microsoft grew, refined processes, and innovated. Increased efficiencies in product development reduced costs, making computer software more available and…

Americans have been dutifully sorting and cleaning their trash for decades. Has it all been for naught?

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Recycling programs are, with a few exceptions, largely a waste of time, money, and resources. In its current configuration, many programs are unsustainable sans large government subsidies and in many cases, a bit of a fraud.

Wait, what?

For many Americans, the idea of throwing away a can, plastic bottle, or newspaper, is as foreign a concept as using a pay phone to place a call. But as you clean and sort your trash into your blue bin, how confident are you that recycling is, in fact, helping your community and protecting the environment?

If you haven’t yet reached forty…

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In 2018, I published a collection of articles about website development written during the previous year into a book, Page Not Found. This is that book.

For those so inclined, the book is also available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.


First, a little perspective.

On a cold, crisp autumn morning not too long ago, I was discussing a new project with a business owner. In business since 1989, his company had never had a web presence.

He handed me a large three-ring binder with a stylish, corporate-looking cover. …

We have been given a Republic and some pretty nifty ideas on how to keep it.

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It’s not too difficult to find someone, somewhere in America today talking about how screwed up the Federal Government seems to be. And there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of opinions about how to solve our country’s problems. Given what’s transpired over the past decade or so, it’s hardly surprising.

But talk is cheap.

Remember that guy who promised to fundamentally transform America? Trump did away with most of his legacy with the stroke of a pen — in the first year of his presidency.

It seems that each presidential campaign season brings with it no shortage of new…

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Even more so today.

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At one time, most Americans received their news in the morning paper, during the day through a radio broadcast, or through the evening news on one of three broadcast networks. It was a simpler time, before the term, “Fake News” was ever conceived.

That’s not to say that we trusted every news source implicitly. There has always been bias at play in the reporting of news. And of course, there have always been tabloids and conspiracy theorists. But…

While the press and his haters fumble over the absurd, Trump is quickly implementing his campaign promises — and then some.

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When Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency, I looked at my wife and remarked, “Well, this ought to be fun.”

Like most observers at the time, I felt he had little chance at winning his party’s nomination, much less becoming the forty-fifth president. Throughout the campaign and up until Election Day, I was convinced he couldn’t win. And like most observers, my thinking could not have been more misplaced.

Nearly two years into his presidency, most of…

At one time, we debated ideas in this country. We did so with passion and vigor; we compromised, we agreed to disagree — and then we dined together.

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What was once rare is now commonplace. What was once unbelievable is now paraded on the nightly news with regularity. Throughout time, observers of current events have editorialized on the demise of social graces, norms, and other hallmarks of civilization with the coming of age of each new generation. Should anyone attempt to bring forth any new revelations on the subject, it’s likely to be unnoticed and unremarkable.

After all, what difference…

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Unless you landed on this planet yesterday, it’s highly likely you have read or posted an article someone else shared on Facebook or Twitter. Okay, so maybe “read” is a little assumptive.

It’s also likely you’ve never wondered how it works — how the information appears, and in what section of the post. Or how Facebook’s software determines what image to display, and what size works best.

While there’s nothing magical to the process, if you own or run a website, it’s important to understand how it all works.

When a website page is shared on Facebook or Twitter, the…

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