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Reverend Barber comparison to Christ by Reverend Barber.. what do you think is wrong with that statement Reverend Barber? I too completely am appalled by the loss of healthcare for the needy but the Healthcare System we had wouldn’t buy an elderly man an Advil who had cancer. The new system is just as much of a mess and we really need “single PAYER health care” and why Trump has broken that campaign promise at least he admitted that is the health care System we need. Rev. Barber please stop acting like a spoiled four year old. You went to a demonstration and you went to jail. I applaud I commend your efforts for the needy. But stop judging other men because they decided on a different candidate to support. They acted on conscience the same way you did. You’re upset you went to jail I understand that. But it happens in our business. May Divinity by any of its Names be with you. But please knock off the blasphemy.

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