You Can’t Be Racist Against White People
Jenée In The Closet

By your definition, I have frequently experienced prejudice. I am a white male, raised in a broken poor home. I have received no privilege for being a white male, nor would I choose to. What concerns me about your article is the premise of your definition of racism. I found it intriguing and therefore looked up the definition of racism myself. The most popular definitions offered for the term did not correspond with yours. Would you please cite your source? I believe through personal experience and listening to the experiences of others that racism against white people is prevalent. So, how do we reduce those racist/prejudicial experiences? If I speak up about racism towards white people I in turn become labeled the racist. I feel I have no recourse and thus must live and die in a world that is permitted to be prejudice toward me for the color of my skin. I can’t fight back when there is no enemy, when we are told “You Can’t Be Racists Against White People”.

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