This article, I believe, is so necessary for a lot of people to read.
Rohan van Eeden

I’m sorry Roland. I must disagree with you. I have been the hiring manager. We were required to interview in tandem. Once the interview is completed we take our notes back to a conference room and discuss the candidate with other peer managers and our operations manager. Being a POC is important to the hiring decision. Unfortunately, it is even more important when making firing decisions. Firing a white male was as simple as saying “I have X reason to fire him”. Done. Firing a minority race female required 6 months to a year of documentation, action plans, bending over backwards, and still in most cases, not good enough. At best, that person is reassigned within in the company. At worst, you the white male are fired for supposed racist sexism. Affirmative Action was a much needed policy at the time it was implemented. But, it should have had an expiration date requiring a vote for renewal. No one will submit a motion to abolish Affirmative Action or at least reconsider its structure. It would be political suicide. So again, I will live and die in an America that I wish were different with no recourse for change.

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