If a Blog Post is Written, and No One Sees It, Does It Exist?

This is my first blog post. Ever.

Though I consider myself a storyteller, I thought it wise to bring in some philosophy right off the bat. For what is the point of committing to anything in life without first putting thought behind it. That includes blogging.

The quote below has an interesting history, connecting with everyone from George Berkley, to Einstein, to Charles Mann.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

It’s an interesting thought experiment. But now consider this.

  • Though it is hard to nail down a perfect estimate, it is believed that over 152 million blogs currently exist on the Internet.
  • The BBC recently reported that there are around 3 trillion trees on Earth.
  • So, there are far less blogs than trees. (Probably good for our oxygen supply).

Based on these statements above, I propose a new thought experiment.

If a blog post is written and no one ever reads it, does it exist?

Okay, I’ll get down off my philosophical horse now and talk like the 21st century “Millennial” that I am.

Here’s the thing. There are so many blogs out there, probably too many. Many of them sit collecting cybernetic dust because no one ever read them.

Or ever will read them.


Because the “symbolic” sound waves from the “symbolic” falling tree (blog post) never reach the ear or eye of a human being besides you. And maybe your parents.

So why even make a blog in the first place? I mean it seems pointless. There appears to be no middle class on the Internet. (Credit to Casey Neistat for that one).

What I mean by that is:

You have the 1% of extremely viral writers that everyone reads.

And then you have us: the 99% who no one reads.

Seems pretty dismal. So just give up now. Right?


There currently may not be a middle class on the Internet. We normal people may not have our ideas read right now. But maybe we will!

I say we keep trying.

I say we keep chopping down trees (and by that I mean keep typing out blog posts.) (Don’t actually chop down trees please).

Because eventually, those “trees” are going to be falling and hitting the ground all the time.

Then something amazing will happen.


And they won’t just walk by. They will take out their phone and snap a few pictures of it. And then they will say:

“Wow that tree just fell down! I need to post about this on FaceBook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Pinterest, and Medium, and Tumblr, and…”

And then my friend, not only does your blog post exist (because it has done that from the moment you wrote it), but it has been seen by another.

And isn’t that what writing is about, sharing it with another?

And so now that this overly extended metaphor is over, I climb back on my philosophical horse.

Then I ride into a theoretical sunset.

Which may or may not exist.

You had to see it to believe it.

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