A GHOST STORY by Jonathon D Lipsin..

A number of years ago i went on an epic adventure .I flew to Tucson Arizona to look for a ghost ! It was the ghost of Nino Cochise i was after and i spent 10 days in pursuit.Nino was the grandson of old Cochise the legendary war chief of the Chiricahua Apache indians.He lived to 110 up into the 1970's and i had read his autobiography many years ago when i found the book in a “free box” back in Stinson Beach during my hippie years in California.The book was electrifying to read as i rode with Nino on raids and followed him into the white man’s world .It was a true transition story of wild indian to ‘civilization” He was even an extra in Hollywood on the Big Valley TV show that i used to watch and in his 70’s he learned to fly a plane.I picked up the book again a few years back not having read it for 35 years and again i was mesmerized so i decided i had to follow his trail ,go where he was born in the Chiricahua Mountains and hike there ,go to where he died which was the famous ghost town of Tombstone ,home of Wyatt Earp and his crew and go find the grave of Tom Jeffords his best friend who was the only white that Cochise accepted as a blood brother.I wanted to talk to people who knew him and i had to make the 5 mile hike to old Fort Bowie where he once was imprisoned and then there was the Copper Queen the hotel in Bisbee where he once spent the night in 1905 .I had to also go there and spend the night.I did all this and at a later date i will write about everything but for now i want to focus on the Copper Queen because there i spent the most terrifying night of my life in a haunted hotel as their only guest.!!!!!
That day i had hiked the Chiricahuas Mountains a place i was solemnly told in Tombstone not to go into unless i was armed .There were drug mules i was warned coming in from Mexico that if i suddenly met on the trail would not hesitate to kill me.Do not go in without a gun they told me.Well after some consternation with myself i did go in and hiked some 12 mules in what i knew was ground zero .This was where Cochise was born and died and Nino and his family came from and i just had to chance it and i did and it was ok.
It was a tired out Jonathon who raced through a sky of gathering storm clouds over a mountain that night to make it to Bisbee ,my next stop on my ghost hunt.Bisbee is an old mining town from the OLd West not far from the border with Mexico and there is an ugly pit in the middle of town .There is a weird vibe in Bisbee,an eerie weird uglyt vibe that seems evil.I sensed it and i felt it.There is a lot of violent history in this town.It felt like a Stephen King novel!
I drove in just as the heavens opened up and a heavy onslaught of rain came thundering down.I had never seen it rain so hard and i sought out the Copper Queen ,the oldest continuously run hotel in Arizona.
It looks like how i imagined it and i walked in completely exhausted from my hike and drive.” I need a room “,I said looking around noting the antiques and beautifully hand carved furnishings .They gave me a key for a room on the third floor.The rain was coming down relentlessly and i was soaked .
I went up the stairs to the third floor my hand on a mahogany polished rail.I opened the door to the room .It was next to the Julia Lowell room i noted.Must ask about her .A feeling i can barely describe hit me upon entering.I felt a bad sense.Creepy feeling .Something was wrong.I turned around and made my way downstairs and said ,”I don’t like that room ,bad vibes is there another room” ,I asked .I started looking at their guest book and there were comments made from all the way back to the 50's of people that had spent the night and there i read about encounters people had with ghosts.One woman from Europe wrote how she woke up to find a young. year old boy lying on he bed next to her .Many people wrote that they will never sleep there again.My heart started beating fast .My throat got dry.I summoned up the courage to be casual as i asked ,”So is this a haunted hotel ?”
I was assured by the clerk that indeed it was .” Ghost Hunter TV show was here just a few weeks ago .” He cheerfully told me about the three ghosts that lived here ,a young 7 year old boy, gentleman in a top hat and a prostitute Julia Lowell who in unrequited love killed herself in the room that was supposed to be next to mine.My spirits sagged.My heart beat faster .”Am i the only one here tonight? “ Yes i was cheerfully assured .Great i thought.Ok can i see some other rooms.I went through 4 or 5 rooms with the same creepy vibes .Finally i settled on a larger room not because it was bigger but it had a more even vibe.I was so tired and so apprehensive.I couldn’t back out now i felt.Was i not the intrepid traveller ? Was i not on a hunt ?.I warily climbed the stairs.The rain was coming down in buckets.The night was black as coal.The streets were deserted.I was in the Copper Queen where Nino had slept.
I sat on the bed and watched TV telling myself everything is cool.Everything is cool.The rain beat a steady tattoo on my car on the street.I saw the water rise halfway over the tires.At midnight i fell asleep into the deepest sleep i can ever remember.It was like falling into a rabbit hole,down,down ,down.
Suddenly !!!!! A sound i can only describe as what i imagine as a cannonball would sound like went right through my room and i awoke with my heart in my mouth and my breath running wild and the fear was palpable .OMIFG !!!!!! What was that !!!!!!! I went to the window and the street was silent and dark.The rain made it’s relentless drive soaking the earth .I finally gathered the courage to open the door and look in the hallway.There was the Julia Lowell room sitting in silence.It was one in the morning .I was alone in this hotel and i was scared ,really scared.I started doing my yoga breath .In on 4 hold for 7 ,out with 8 It didn’t work .I lay down and tightened up my body and then released and focused on each part starting with my feet .My feet are relaxed i intoned silently,my feet are relaxed.No my feet are not relaxed ,.,They will never be relaxed i felt.I was screwed.Nothing worked .I lay awake all night hearing noises whether from the wind or the joints of an aging house i don’t know but i slept nary a wink keeping one eye open all night.Finally morning graced the sky and i breathed a sigh of relief.I came downstairs and said to the clerk ,” Well i am glad the night is over .”
“Did you see anything ?”” Not seen “ i said with false bravado,”But heard .”
He excitedly took down the hotel ledger and wrote down what i had experienced.” “Yes ,” he said ,”The third floor has all the activity.Your room has only had three incidents in there in a hundred years but the room next to yours is really active” Thanks ,I thought dryly .I checked out ,got in my car and hightailed it out of Bisbee and i never want to go back.