by Jonathon Lipsin
(written watching the dawn at a table in a spanish garden in a villa somewhere in the Mediterranean on an island north of Algeria and part of Spain. In moments i will dive into the sea and swim for an hour before i eat breakfast) …because i want to…
The real secret to life is that you get what you want WHEN YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT !
This is what i have learned from my time on this planet and how i have lived my life.
I sold my house in Toronto i had built a few years earlier complete with pine logs in the cathedral ceiling and a jacuzzi for 5 and a shower that led into a sauna and i moved to a small town in California with my business which was a record store with 20,000 items. Oh i also brought along my three year old.
I wanted to come back to California to live by the ocean and be part of a small hip community and raise my son in that environment.
So i did what i wanted. Because life is short and i refuse to have regrets for the rest of my life.
And i can hear most of you rolling your eyes and say yeah but man you are single and you can do what you want. Well i was married until recently for over 25 years and WE did what we wanted pretty much together and sometimes apart as conditions warranted. Yes there were compromises but this did not curtail my philosophy for the most part.
Another thing i did in my life was walk away from my future in the record business as a music exec. In fact after my phenomenal success with the children’s group in Canada ,Sharon,Lois and Bram i was offered a position running a record company in NYC. I decided to turn that down and i made Aliya to Israel and joined the Israeli army trading in my attache case for an M16 rifle.
I wanted badly to do this and i have no regrets.
I also at the age of 15 right before Woodstock went to my parents and calmly told them of my decision to leave school and home and travel the world and find myself.I did do that and hitchhiked 20 times across North America having all sorts of adventures .I regret none of this .
A few years ago i drove to the Navajos and negotiated a fast horse from them and proceeded to ride down a thousand ft cliff with a 70 % grade into Canyon de Chelly in Arizona for 2 days of riding and sleeping under the stars. I did this at 60 when most my age are safely tucked into bed or watching tv.
Again i did this because i wanted to.
Doing what i wanted has brought me so much happiness and self fulfillment and joy and i can’t imagine a life of doing anything different.It always seemed prudent and it behooved me to act like this.Nothing else made sense.
Even now for the fourth time in my life i am living on a magical island somewhere in the Mediterranean in Spain in a villa near the sea .
Why? Because i want to.
Nothing can ever usurp my imagination which leads me in this life.
I hope all of you can also get what you want.
It’s as easy as doing what you want!
You must realize you are the captain of your ship and you chart your course .
And to quote Mick Jagger “If you don’t get what you want you get what you need .”
That’s cool too.