Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

What does it really mean to have “good hair” or “bad hair” ? As an African American woman, your hair is viewed at as the most prized possession. The amount of time. money, and dedication you invest into your hair can determine whether it’s “good” or “bad.” The straight hair image became the central image for women because it was looked at as more professional and everyone was getting it of course. Within this past decade, the natural or “kinky” state has started to become more popular. If you have straight, fine looking hair people will view it as “good hair” because it looks neat and can be combed through but, what they don’t know is straight hair sometimes causes for heat which can eventually lead to heat damage so even though it looks good, it’s really not good. On the other hand, when the hair is in its natural or “kinky” state, people see it as nappy and unprofessional or as “bad hair.” When the hair is being properly taking of, it won’t matter if its straight or in its natural state because good hair is good hair. If only they knew the process and amount of money it takes to keep your hair healthy.

Because of the media and other sources, some people think when a women is wearing weave that they have bad hair. Wearing a weave doesn’t indicate good or bad hair because you never know what’s underneath. Some women actually wear weave as a protective style for their real hair so it won’t get damaged and can grow without using products and heat.

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