The Third Eye

Most people have the ability of vision, seeing everything around them, people, animals, nature, colors....and the list goes on, but not everyone has the ability to see things in special angles.

Some people just love to look at things in a special way, crossing their hands together and looking through them very deeply at that subject which caught their interest, they have the ability to notice things that other people don’t.

It is indeed a beautiful ability but sometimes it might get one’s very exhausted, but can’t help it..!! It’s simply how his eyes work, this is his way of seeing life.

But what makes him sad and sometimes frustrated is that not having the ability to capture his special vision and save it, so he needs something that has the same ability as his eyes which can capture and save his special visions.

So what does he need ?!

he needs an extra lens, he needs the third eye, HIS own third special eye what we call it nowadays Camera.

It is the human’s creation after getting inspired by God’s extraordinary creation, the human eye, the original lense.

This third eye made one’s even more exhausted than before, because know he is obsessed with capturing his visions and saving them.

Is it worth it ?!

I personally think that all this exhaustion is definitely worth the beauty we capture every day 💭🍃.