Fig 1: Me and my postdoctoral angst.

I recently accepted a postdoctoral position in the mathematics department at Georgia Tech. This is my second postdoctoral position since finishing my PhD, and some of my family are starting to wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. In particular, they’re concerned that I had to move cross-country…

The working title of my thesis is Hopf-Galois Extensions and Descent Data in Quasicategories. When people ask me what my dissertation is on, I often recite this title in the hope that they’ll be so horrified that we won’t have to continue the conversation. Sometimes it works, but it’s been…

We know that, say, the Standard Model of particle theory is just that, a model. In other words, it’s a set of rules of computation with abstract symbols that, when we correlate certain symbols with certain physical phenomena, give us information about what’s going to happen. We can never prove

Will Hunting does elementary graph theory.

I’m a mathematician. Chances are, you don’t have any idea what that means, and that’s something I’d like to attempt to rectify. Most of my mathematician friends (which, for me, includes anyone active in research, whether they’re undergraduates, grad students, full fledged members of academia, or just independent researchers) seem…

Jonathan Beardsley

Mathematician and all-around consumer of information.

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