Internet readings and the lack of focus

I used to read a lot long ago. I use to read a lot now, but somehow I think the quality of my readings has decreased. Want to know why?

Because I read on the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good content on the web. An it’s a skill on itself to filter that good content from the bad one (and a lot of people is bad at this, as you can see from the fake news spreading like wildfire)

However, I am starting to believe that books offer a better experience regarding to content. Although I’m not sure that I can explain why. My impression is that books go deeper than an article when touching a subject. Internet readings are pretty much the tip of the iceberg.

I almost convinced that the next month challenge should be read a book per week. I’ve bought a lot a books that I never finished because I ended going back to the Internet readings. And I can explain why: They are shorter, enough informative and they are a lot of them. Looks like a contradiction if you compare the previous paragraph but it is true. I read a lot of them and I don’t focus on any topic, I, like any other human, have a thirst for knowledge, in my case, for any kind of knowledge. I really like be able to talk about a lot of things and if necessary refer the Internet sources, and believe me when I say that I usually check for the references until the source. Is not like I read something and trust instantly.

I also like to be able to connect points between different types of knowledge. To be able to enjoy the different topics of knowledge that humankind has available, why should I focus just in one?

Master of nothing, jack of all trades. I don’t love any subject enough to focus on it, but I loved them all enough to want to know a little about them. that I don’t I don’t mind the title. But, the current society is looking for masters, for specialists. So I have this kind of dilemma.

What are you? A Master of something or a jack of all trades? Would you prefer to fill in the other category?