I am sure that will be the case sometime in the probably not too distant future.
Nature of the beat

Thank you very much for you comment!

I agree with you that Google/Facebook/Amazon are amazing references to get an insight what’s the state of art.

However, we must remember that consumer technology advancements are always some steps behind the industrial advancements (including of course military tech). You can take as a hint that some concerns about AI are being raised nowadays. The OpenAI non-profit organization is one of those example to get public awareness of the subject and is sponsored by some of the best businessmen/technologist of the decade. I guess they have been able to see some improvements on AI that we didn’t have the chance to and they are worried about what we could achieve with it.

So, nevertheless, we are not ‘there’ yet. But we will be without any doubt.

If you are interested in the topic you can take a look on the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity too.