The influence of the night

I’m sure it happened to you: Speaking with someone at night. Relaxed. Calm. In person or through chat, doesn’t matter. You are telling things that in daylight you wouldn’t. Why’s that? According to an answer in Quora:

  • By evening we are tired and exhausted enough, our cognitive abilities dropping and it requires more energy to lie. So we tend to be more honest as the day rolls by.
  • We don’t sit down for late night conversations with people we don’t like and trust.
  • Less distraction.
  • Ample amount of comfortable time(where we actually feel comfortable).

I’m mainly interested in the first one as is the most important in my opinion. In negotiation, tiredness is an important factor when breaking the mental defenses of someone. Makes sense to think that at night we are more tired and our conversations turn more deeper and personal, or, we are less reticent to talk about certain topics.

“The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4am knows all my secrets.” ― Poppy Z. Brite

How should we face this? Should we avoid conversations and tell about topics that we will regret tomorrow at morning? This is the easier choice: Close your chat conversation, say you have to go back home and everything will end. However in my opinion, you are missing a precious opportunity.

The opportunity of being less afraid and open ourselves to others. In this situation, remember that openness goes both ways, when you are open about your thoughts is normal that the other person responds to it in the same way. Maybe you are not sure, but is probable that both of you are in the same mental state. Is there something you want to know? Now is a good moment.

Choice is yours.