The most important currency of them all (even more than cryptocurrencies)

My life is predicted to be, within the average lifespan of a male born in Spain, of 80 years (86 years for women). As I am 25, this means I have already invested 788,400,000 seconds of my life and I have, supposing I reach the average lifespan mentioned above: 1,734,480,000 seconds remaining.

I am a time billionaire, and I am losing my wealth every second.

And so you do.

It doesn’t matter how much rich or poor you are. Your time currency is decreasing at steady rate. However, there are some ways to accelerate or decrease that rate (sort of)

Earn seven minutes of life investing one

Tobacco, for example, has some researches shown that decreases your life expectancy by seven to eleven minutes per cigarette. In contrast, every minute of exercise could lengthen you life seven minutes.

We could say that investing one minute of your time in exercise provides a ROI (Return On Investment) of six minutes or a 600%, while smoking a cigarette for 6 minutes makes you lose a total of 13 minutes and a little amount of your money. No good, huh?

Of course, this is not a mathematical rule, you can’t live forever doing exercise for a whole day and gain several days this way. And who wants to live forever anyway

Ask yourself about how do you use your time. Make sure you are investing (by the way, drop the term “wasting”, it’s pessimist) time in activities that improve your life in one way or another and give you more time to do things you want to do. Because when you realize that you have stopped of being a time billionaire you will want to make sure that that time was well spent.

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