The scientific method

Without doubt, the scientific method has been one of the most important inventions of the humankind. With it, we can get near enough to the “truth”. We can tell how something will behave and use that behavior in our advantage.

Since the discovery of fire (an observation) we asked ourselves how could we create that (formulate hypothesis), just then we tested our hypothesis and refined them until we were be able to create fire. And since then, we developed higher and faster.

Our first true piece of technology

Now, we use the scientific method in several aspects from our life even without realizing. Is deeply rooted in our brain, we observe something, we have question about how it works, we try to understand, and make a statement about it. And depending of how deep we go with the tests to understand it our statement we will be more or less accurate.

With the natural progress, the approaching to the truth turns out more complicated. We are not looking to know if earth is round or flat, we are looking for the cure of cancer, space exploration and other subjects that requires a big amount of data and tests.

Scientific method is a rational way, not emotional, to find truth. To improve our lives, when we have more data, we can recognize more patterns and then, create a model and ‘hack it’, making a process faster, a choice better or a life easier.