Why Artificial Intelligence will be better than God

Religions and gods were created as a way to explain the world in a time where humanity couldn’t explain it using science. Any thing we couldn’t explain was attributed to magic and unknown forces.

Now, science is coming up as the new ‘religion’. People congregate to praise the new technological advancements. But this religion is different. There is no magic or unexplained events. And it has no gods. For now.

If god didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him
— Voltaire

We are currently creating the future god of technology, and it’s called A.I.

Gods never answered to the mortals in a clear way, although mortals killed and lived for them. This new god not only will answer us, but it will give us all that we always wanted even we don’t know what it is.

Would you believe me if I told you that artificial intelligence can know what you want better than you?

Since the beginning of time we have believed in God, an entity that promises the eternal life in heaven if we are good, or the eternal suffering if we are evil. Artificial Intelligence won’t promise us an eternal afterlife, it will be able to deliver us the best possible life during our lifetime.

Let’s go with three major examples:


Thanks to the wearable devices and other health devices, Artificial Intelligence will be able to know when we are going to be sick, what is our current nutritional status and even how can we be better.

If AI detects you are going to be sick, it will book an appointment with your medical doctor for the day your are supposed to be sick. But it wont’ be like you really need to go to the MD, AI will be able to prescribe your what medicines do you need and get them delivered for that time. Even before you know that you are sick.

Is not science fiction, in 2017 a team at Imperial College London developed an AI that could diagnose pulmonary hypertension better than cardiologists. While cardiologists have about 60% accuracy this system had 80% accuracy.


Some people really would love to have a financial adviser, that helps them with investments, how to manage the money, records expenses and debts, everything. Moreover, AI will suggest you how to invest or even it will invest your money in your behalf better than you.


Are you looking for “the one”? Artificial Intelligence will scan your social media activity, your searches, your conversations and it will create a profile of you. It will use this profile to compare it with millions of people to deliver the best potential matches. It will take into account all your preferences: From physical attractiveness and political thoughts to religion beliefs. Anything that you consider, it will be considered. But not only. Some important factors that even you don’t recognize when choosing a significant other will be taken into account. Where does these factors come from?

Data. Subtle data that you generate when talking, when searching, when surfing on the Internet. Artificial Intelligence will know everything.

No magic. Just data

The best thing about Artificial Intelligence is that rely on data. All the power of artificial intelligence is based on proved laws of science and in methods that humans can understand but are too slow to put into practice. You could ask AI “why” to every answer it gives you and she will tell you step-by-step from the fundamental principles how did she reach the answer. No obscurity or mystical magic. Just science that you will be able to understand if you are smart enough or take the time to understand it.