A General (Assembly) Experience

The following is an overview and a general look at my experiences over the past 3 months in a Immersive Web Development course.

There are a lot of online schools. There are a lot of coding bootcamps. Trying to find the right school is probably overwhelming. However, from my personal experience, it wasn’t a hard choice. I was lucky. I got to learn about General Assembly from an Alumni in my hometown. Knowing that she had a positive experience and was able to gain employment as a web developer were two big reasons why I decided to change my life and go back to school with General Assembly.

Making the choice to go back to school was exciting! Making the choice to change my career path and try to become a web developer was scary, but still exciting. Making the choice to quit my job and commit to studying web development full time for 3 months was terrifying. I was nervous just making the call to find out more about the school. Thankfully, I had a fantastic experience with the staff at General Assembly from that first phone call. I was encouraged to get started and I did. It was a great decision.

I now know that I knew very little about web development before beginning my Immersive Web Development course. I am absolutely still learning, but I feel more confident and more knowledgable now than the day that I began. I learned about designing websites and different coding languages and programs. Also, I learned about how to get a job in web development. I didn’t think networking would be such an important part of gaining employment as a Web Developer. General Assembly not only provided the tools to learn about web development, it also provided me with the tools to know how to get a job in web development. I worked with specific instructors (Outcomes) who taught me about job applications, job interviews, networking and more.

Networking with people in this field is important, even before trying to find a job. Getting to know people with the same career that you want can help you decide if you even really want that career. Getting to know their experiences, their education and so on, can help guide you for your future and your own experiences.

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