Eight Years Ago…

Eight years ago, I could not have seen myself the way I am today. Debating people on political issues, while trying to keep my faith prevalent seemed impossible to me when I was that young. The 11 year-old version of myself could never have made decisions that the 19 year-old version has had to on topics that are hurting relationships with other Americans, thus hurting the ability to strengthen this country.

Eight years ago, I was being taught to be afraid of people based on stereotypes, today I know that’s wrong. I am a Christian and I am told to love my neighbor as myself, and that that is the second greatest commandment, following loving the Lord with all that I am (Mark 12:28–34). Stereotypes are made to make people, myself included afraid, trying to break them has been hard, but overwhelmingly beneficial for me.

Eight years ago I was afraid of what was going to happen to my family after both my parents lost their jobs, but today I am not because I have nothing to fear. The stresses and anxieties that this world bring on cannot harm me because I am content in Christ. Surviving all that this world throws at me just makes me stronger.

Eight years ago I was 11 years old, I was living the political stance of my family and thought that Obama’s presidency was going to end drastically. Back then, I did not comprehend what a new president meant for the United States, but now that I am older and have grown out of my family’s political shell, I have seen so much more of this country than I ever have. It has recovered from a terrible tragedy, killed the man who devised the 9/11 attacks, lowered unemployment rates, and allowed people to grow again.

Eight years ago Obama was elected president and I was disgusted, today, even though I have never completely agreed with him on certain issues, I am proud to have been able to call him my president.