Your Favorite Jimmy Buffett Song

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Welcome to Episode #80 of the Pirates & Poets Podcast!

This Episode answers the question “Whats your three favorite Jimmy Buffett songs?” We asked this question on Facebook and dozens of you responded! Listen in as we discuss the results, which include votes for more than 100 songs!

We also play tunes from Donny Brewer, Kelly McGuire, and PHINS!

Listen in now…..

Your 10 favorite Buffett tunes were…

#1 — “Pirate Looks At 40” with 12 votes. 
#2 — “Tin Cup Chalice” with 11 votes.
#3- “Come Monday” with 7 votes.
#3- “He Went To Paris” with 7 votes.
#5- “Breathe In, Breath Out, Move On” with 6 votes. 
#5- “Cowboy In The Jungle” with 6 votes.
#7- “Island” with 5 votes.
#7- “Migration” with 5 votes.
#7- “Death of an Unpopular Poet” with 5 votes.
#7- “Take Another Road” with 5 votes.
#7- “The Captain & The Kid” with 5 votes.
#7- “School Boy Heart” with 5 votes.

Yes we had ties!

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