A quick update — meet us at the Internet Freedom Festival next week!

SAFETAG continues to expand its adoption among groups doing organizational security work. Towards this, we joined with a group of 15 practitioners recently in Prague who are working on all aspects of organizational security, from the audit/assessment piece through to implementation and follow-up support. We all shared experiences, resources and approaches to address our collective challenges by coalescing our understanding of what organizational security is, and how we can grow and hone our practice.

We were all very encouraged and buoyed by the depth and breadth of the collective knowledge to be tapped, and resolved to use this as a launching pad towards a larger knowledge space and a community of practice.

If you are attending the Internet Freedom Festival [https://internetfreedomfestival.org/], we invite you to join the discussion, hear our outline of how to grow as an independent, open, and collaborative community; and if you are interested, to join efforts.

There is an initial session Thursday March 3 Noon-1 focused on building a more collaborative assessment framework based out of SAFETAG, followed up by an all-morning session scheduled for Friday 10–1, March 4. We want to hear from you about the challenges you face implementing organizational security support and your solutions; about your own organizational security systems and practices; and how you could benefit and contribute as an active member of this growing community.

This comment has been adapted from a cross-organizational posting which has included the below people and organizations:

Ali G. Ravi, Confabium (post)
Alix Dunn, the engine room (post)
CC, EngageMedia (post)
Friedhelm Weinberg, HURIDOCS (post)
Jon Camfield, SAFETAG/Internews
Karel Novotný, APC (post)
Kody Leonard, The ISC Project (post)
Kristin Antin, the engine room (post)
Maya Richman, the engine room (post)
Michael Carbone, Access Now (post)
Natasha Msonza, Digital Society of Zimbabwe
Niels ten Oever, Article 19
Pablo Zavala, Front Line Defenders
Peter Steudtner, HIVOS-DIF / pantraining
Wojtek Bogusz, Front Line Defenders

wrench-thrower, net freedom fighter, @internews. Formerly @changemakers. Also gardener, brewer, salsa dancer, cook, husband, Texan, and dork. Not in that order.

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