Forty things I love

Jon Carl Lewis

Inspired by Cyndi Rooney’s post, “What I Love,” I decided to take up her challenge and list forty things I love, in no particular order and with a minimum (I hope) of thought.

  1. TED Talks about creativity
  2. Beautifully designed, little books, especially with illustrations
  3. Graphic novels on gay or religious themes
  4. Webcomics on gay or religious themes
  5. Solitude
  6. Silence
  7. Early music (Renaissance and chant)
  8. Baroque music
  9. Romantic and modern music (especially Ralph Vaughn Williams, Richard Strauss, Wagner, Bruckner, Berlioz)
  10. Leonard Bernstein (he deserves his own category)
  11. Jessye Norman, especially singing Strauss or Wagner
  12. Podcasts and audiobooks about spirituality and creativity
  13. Crafting stories
  14. Male nudes
  15. Nude males
  16. My aromatherapy blend of peppermint, pine and frankincense
  17. Homemade café latte
  18. Spaghetti and meat sauce, especially with the right meatballs
  19. Saunas and bathhouses
  20. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Donna Summer and Whitney Houston
  21. Finding myself more than halfway through a project
  22. Naps
  23. Deep sleep (yeah, they’re different)
  24. Clean, cold water
  25. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting
  26. Singing church music in the Anglican tradition
  27. Reading steamy gay romance novels
  28. Blogging
  29. My husband
  30. My family
  31. The light coming through my office window at midday
  32. Pretending to dance
  33. Simple, comfortable clothing with a European flair
  34. Stretching
  35. Being photographed
  36. Watching modern dance
  37. Speaking in public for a good cause
  38. The Gospels
  39. The Kingdom of God
  40. God

I’m sure I could think of many more things to love, but for now, that’s forty. I’m done. I think I’ll challenge Jonas Ellison, Sam McKenzie Jr. , and Daniel Watson. Have at it, guys!

Jon Carl Lewis

Written by

A Queer, Black, Intellectual, Christian contemplative compulsively creating stories as a way of understanding the cosmos, God, and myself.

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