75 Things I Will Teach My Child.

1) Apply discipline into passion.

2) Invest in food.

3) Read Bukowski, then watch Californication.

4) Learn the rules by heart, then break them later by soul.

5) During arguments, it’s not cool to be always right.

6) If you sweep things under the rug, you waive the right to demand for change.

7) At least once a week, drive/walk without purpose.

8) Music always makes everything better. Except hunger. And rape.

9) Always allot time for a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza.

10) At the dinner table, keeping silent is just as rude as talking with your mouth full.

11) Have faith in something, anything (shopping, photography, Christianity, whatever), as long as your soul is fulfilled at least once a week.

12) Learn to play at least one instrument.

13) Take photos of what you like, not of what will get “likes.”

14) Never, ever wait for the weekend just to smile or laugh. Be open to WalwalWeekdays.

15) Handwrite letters.

16) Gas, playlist, and conversation have equal value on road trips.

17) Whatever you do, do you.

18) Read “Letters to a Young Poet.”

19) Listen to Beatles albums by release date.

20) Spend equal time on sand and on concrete.

21) Respect drinking water.

22) Dreams, if unattended, have the tendency to rot.

23) Travel alone to cities with soul.

24) When battling demons at 2 a.m., be equipped with at least 2 of these: alcohol, a friend, or a prayer.

25) An inflated ego and a good heart cannot co-exist. Choose wisely.

26) Splurging on books is more attractive than splurging on shoes. Sometimes.

27) Spend less time with people who bring you down and more time with pizza.

28) Make good noises.

29) If you’re planning to wear your heart on your sleeve, make sure it matches your shoes.

30) Don’t wait for a break-up, a death of a relative or a restaurant with no WiFi to do some soul searching.

31) Be generous with the “thank yous” and stingy with the “fuck yous.”

32) Treat sleep like you would illegal substances. Take only what you need.

33) Mockery is a door that swings both ways, proceed with caution.

34) Don’t be a victim of daydream.

35) The complete film experience does not and should not end when the credits roll.

36) What your résumé can’t tell, your scars should show.

37) “I don’t kiss and tell” is a statement that shouldn’t have an expiration date.

38) Look for inspiration, not for answers.

39) Believe in magic, but think strategic.

40) If you believe in destiny, you should also believe in catastrophe. And HIV.

41) When walking around Escolta, look up.

42) If you are torn between following your heart and looking cool, remember John Lennon. He did both.

43) Ride bikes, preferably without coasting.

44) Cynicism, like smoking, can lead to a slow, painful death.

45) When saying sorry, sincerity will suffice. Save the theatrics on marriage proposals.

46) Bridges and relationships usually don’t come with warning signs. Burn, cross or jump off at your own risk.

47) Try hard and fail harder.

48) Saying out loud, “I’m going to take the high road,“ is not exactly taking the high road.

49) Always finish stronger.

50) Stop hating, start collaborating.

51) Forget the hashtag, but don’t forget to be/get lost in the moment.

52) Pray louder.

53) Dance like no one is watching. Drive like hindi pa nakaka-boundary.

54) Give free hugs to change.

55) It’s socially acceptable to pass out at parties, but it’s never socially acceptable to pass judgment anywhere.

56) If you have a conflicting set of interests/wants, you’re doing it right.

57) Don’t be a sucker for mediocre.

58) If you can never laugh at yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

59) Timetravel is real, if you have the right (analog) tools.

60) Please watch the Before trilogy, Waking Life, and Boyhood.

61) Don’t make the mistake of underestimating what hugs can do.

62) Be suspicious of those who can’t keep silent for more than 10 minutes.

63) The only time you are allowed to get ahead yourself is when you’re thinking about dessert.

64) Remember this simple formula: Quick to laugh = Tagal to die.

65) Act your age, not your wage.

66) Fear not the unknown, but the unimaginative.

67) For a vintage diet, eat fruits.

68) Remember: No hobby is too small, no dream is too big.

69) Criticizing is too easy. Resist the temptation.

70) Don’t pray for good weather, pray for patience.

71) Other people’s stories are always more interesting than your own. Listen.

72) Give away kindness as if the desert thirsts for it, and you can pour a lifetime supply.

73) Apply the balm of empathy as often as needed.

74) If there’s no one around to tell you, “Everything is going to be alright,” tell it to yourself. Listen and believe.

75) One cigarette takes away 11 minutes of your life. One sad face emoji takes away 16 minutes.