Jon Carter, no one gives a shit about what you write or say.
Sam McKenzie Jr.

You’re a bit of a child, aren’t you, Sam? A child who wants your White daddy to give you an allowance so you don’t have to work.

Do you have a legitimate point to make? When confronted with facts you don’t like, you resort to a bunch of name calling like a kid throwing a tantrum.

Why don’t you do yourself a favor and look up the facts. Over half the violent crime worldwide is committed by Black people. Imagine if you told me that Nazis were White and I said that was a lie. You would think I was being ignorant and telling lies because I’m White.

But I don’t do that. I know Nazis were White, and I know the crimes they committed. But people like you won’t face the fact about Black crime. It’s obvious that you won’t do that since you’re immature and looking for a hand out.

I used to be a bleeding heart liberal who bought into these lies. But I realized it was nonsense when I stepped back and was willing to see the truth. I’ll never cross over to being conservative, because they’re just as full of the lies as the left, but I can no longer accept the lies the left tells about this.

No one is to blame for Black people being who they are except for Black people, just the same as everyone else. Congratulations, you got some “claps”. Isn’t that what children care about these days? Be an adult.

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