OKAY, so HERE GOES MY ACTUAL FIRST MEDIUM POST. And it’s going to be Medium post in the original sense and spirit of Medium — something too long for Twitter, not “long-form,” but important enough that I want to devote some real space to it.

To preface — I have not gone insane, nor have I experienced some life-changing event. I’ve been considering it for a while, done some research, but can’t say I’ve actually actively thought about it that hard.

I will be going “vegetarian.” Okay, scratch that, I can’t do that. “Pescatarian.”

Why the quotes? Because I’m not going to be strict about it. I will limit my grocery shopping to non-meat foods, but, e.g., when I go out to dinner and I don’t see a vegetarian option that appeals to me, I’m not going to adhere strictly to vegetarianism. If I go to an event and there’s free food but nothing nutritionally sound that is vegetarian (e.g. all they got are fries and mozarrella sticks for us grass-eaters), I’m not sticking to vegetarianism. I’m probably still going to treat myself to some offal from time to time because that feels less like meat to me (and its way more worth it than meat). Bone broth is A-OK.

Why? Mostly the environment. And a little bit (okay a lot bit) because I’m cheap. Vegetarian diets appear to be (from where I’m standing, anyway) significantly cheaper than meat-based diets. But I’ve known for a long time, and I think that it makes obvious sense, that vegetarian diets contribute significantly less to climate change than meat-based diets, at least according to this article. Diets with fish protein don’t seem to add much more, which is why I’m keeping seafood a part of my diet.

And I don’t see myself as a hypocrite for keeping non-meat meat products (such as offal and bone broth) in my diet. I think people, or maybe just Americans, have this all-or-nothing mentality that makes it hard to accomplish anything. Wouldn’t everyone just reducing the amount of meat we consume be much better than very few people completely cutting it out of their diets?

For me, it’s not much of a sacrifice. I like meat, but I don’t love it more than, por ejemplo, tofu. (I’m Chinese. I grew up eating tofu as a normal food. I don’t understand you white people who have to choke it down like some noxious supplement.)

I don’t consider it a moral question (okay well, maybe a little, but that’s a story for another day). I consider it a question of economics. Again, another day.

So yeah. Doing it as soon as my fridge runs out of meat (which admittedly may be a while). Maybe I’ll post updates on my progress.

Primary concerns right now:

  • Getting enough protein
  • Getting the right balance of protein (i.e. the essential amino acids)
  • Getting variety of foods (as much as I love soy and tofu, I will puke if I eat that three meals a day)

Any resources you guys can point me to, or answer directly, to address the above concerns I’d be eternally grateful for!

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