Challenging Learning Experience

I used to think that learning a new skill would be a walk in the park because I consider myself “the learning man” — I mean I have the passion, i’m willing to learn, the resources are available. You’ll agree with me that I literally possess everything required in the book to learn a new skill. But what is this feeling? When I found myself racing against the clock to deliver a project on a skill i’m yet to master. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, I almost lost my usual cool and composure. Then it hit me that I need to “go beyond plus ultra”

There’s the mainstream notion: “if you believe, you can achieve it” — Truth is believing alone doesn’t get the job done. I can’t sit down, fold my arms and expect a miracle to happen. I had to put my back to work, denied myself food and sleep, collaborated with friends and colleagues. That’s what it means to “go beyond plus ultra”.

This was my experience on my first day at the Andela boot camp. To some of you it may not seem like much but it’s actually a big deal — Yes! It’s that deep. We were required to write tests (using JASMINE as the testing framework) for a given function (in JAVASCRIPT). This was my first Hands-on experience on Test Driven Development and I’m still new to JavaScript — I learnt programming in PYTHON.
I had to come up with a logic for the function. As if that wasn’t tasking enough, I had to write about ten tests and made sure the function passed all the test. PS: I had less than 5 hours to understand, write and push to gitHub (, stack overflow and Google came in handy).
The gist of Test Driven Development(TDD) is to
1. Write(add) a test.
2. Run the test expecting it to fail.
3. Update a functional code (just enough to pass the test).
4. Run the test and expect it to pass.
5. Refactor code — Reorganize codes to make it more readable.

Crazy right? How can someone write a “test” and expects it to fail? — don’t answer that.
 You may not really understand Test Driven Development(TDD) by reading and studying alone. You need to try it hands-on. Although I learnt it the hard way.
I hope I inspired somebody.