A mind trick to write more often

jon choi
1 min readJun 2, 2017


I’ve been saying I would publish a post for three years now. I would like to wait far shorter to publish, and I would like to articulate my thoughts far more often.

In order to encourage that, I will do two things:

I will allow myself the luxury to change my mind. Anything I write reflects my best thought process at the moment but does not define me as a person). This will allow me to write “in the now” and not worry about the future.

The objective is to share my thoughts, not to measure my skill as a writer. Good writing takes time, and I strive to be a good writer. However, I don’t want that to make me write less often or worry that it’s taking too much time away from my core work.

If this mind trick works, you’ll be hearing from me more often going forward (hopefully more often than once every three years).

In that spirit, I’m just going to publish this. Doing it live.