Enough Thai to Get By in Chiang Mai

Jon Church
2 min readSep 29, 2017


Here is the list of all the things I know how to say in Thai that you should learn, will update it as I learn more.

Also, all this is just to the best of my current understanding, anyone who knows better please help me learn by leaving a response!

On gender identity in Thailand:

Male identified persons use “Khrup” and female identified persons use “Ka”. Although I have seen male presenting Thais use “ka” on occasion when greeting me. Not sure if this is fluid depending on how you identify, or what it says about a person. Would love to learn more!


Sawadee Krhup!

Thank You

Kob Khun krhup

“Thank you for the corn cob”

Sorry/Excuse Me

“koh thot krhup/ka”

It sounds to me like “car toad” and I always think of Mr Toad driving his car recklessly and apologizing to people he almost hits


Mai means yes, but you can easily agree or say yes by simply saying “Khrap/Ka”

Yes, you are correct (or similar affirmative agreement) is “Chai Khrup”

I remember this by “Yes, Chai tea is good”

No/Dont Want

Mai means no, and you’ll find the phrase “Mai ao khrup” (Do not want) to be very useful as a tourist in Thailand!

To be extra respectful, use “Mai ao khrup. Kob khun khrup” (Do not want, thank you)