The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

I agree with most of this. i’m in the same camp.

For boring and complicated reasons I’m using a HTC M8 right now, I’ve been using a iPhone 6 Plus for 2 years now, and plan to use the 7 when it comes out, but find myself wondering if there is really a way to switch.

There is a bit of a post Steve thing going on this article, maybe the product launches aren’t as exciting because Steve is gone? I think so. I think Apple does innovate, maybe not with the focus they did before, but they do.

Fingerprint sensor? Sure a few companies tried, but Apple made it work, and now it’s everywhere. Force touch? Nobody did that, I think many will follow. Haptic clicks on a trackpad, same thing. I think Apple is thinking years ahead with this. I think somewhere in Cupertino they have a all glass iPhone they want to make. No home button, they need a way to put a button anywhere, and this is how they got there.

I completely agree with Apple as a services company, they suck, really bad. I avoid anything they do like the plague that touches the cloud. It’s google all they way. That said, I can get everything I need with an iPhone with google apps, but Apple forces you to use their products in the edges.

For example, google’s voice to text is about one billion times better than “siri”. Google’s siri is a million times better. Yet, 3rd parties can’t put their own voice to text in custom keyboards. I can’t switch from the default browser to chrome instead of safari. Why? No good reason IMO, just protectionism. It’s infuriating.

At the end of the day I’ll probably stick with Apple. It’s just a nicer place. It’s nice that icons have notification bubbles, it’s nice to have visual voicemail, it’s nice to have a camera app that opens instantly and always takes a decent picture (nexus 6p i’m looking at you), and it’s really nice to have iMessage on my mac work seamlessly with sms instead of installing “pushbullet” which is a hack, but works.

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