Jon Connors

Day 17 of 40 Days of #EarthTech take us to the enterprise data collection giants C3 AI and how they can benefit from the amazing portrayal of data performed by the team at BELLA GAIA

Tom Siebel, you are a pioneer of enterprise software systems, and C3 AI has the potential to capture huge market share when it comes to the collection and analysis of Earth data. Imagine C3 IoT devices on buoys across the SF Bay and waterways globally, tracking up to the minute…

On Day 14 of 40 Days of #EarthTech, we seek to enroll you in our efforts to secure investment and donations for our #EarthTech projects

On November 2 and 3 of this year, sixty talented individuals came together to accelerate technological visions to restore our planet, separated into twelve great ecologically restorative visions at an event called Hack for Earth. Projects ranged from an incredible live violinist performing in front of a live screen of…

Day 4 of 40 Days of #EarthTech brings us to the great vision of Andy Lipkis of Tree People, to prepare Los Angeles citizens for action in times of fire and other climate emergencies.

get prepared, powered by

Andy Lipkis of Tree People has teamed up with Gayatri Roshan of to get Los Angeles citizens ready for the Era of Megafires with CityView app.

According to their project writeup, ‘ Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic economies on the planet — and home to a…

In this 40 day experience, you have the chance to step up as a participant in co-creating our climate future, rather than a powerless spectator

Many people, who support transforming our economy to be more ecologically friendly, speak as though technology is something bad and nature is something good, that these two things are mutually exclusive. These people do not see that there is actually some technology that can accelerate the restoration of Earth’s ecologies…

Creating centrally planned, decentralized community incentives is an oxymoron

Hard to swallow pills for the blockchain space.

Two years ago, the blockchain/ cryptocurrency space was blowing up. Many people were shocked to see that, in a few short months the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies went from the size of a baby aspirin ($20 billion market cap in…

Jon Connors

Community at Forta and Blockchain For Ecology

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